Wednesday, January 16

Health Update

We are all recuperating after the stomach flu made a full swing through the household. Matilda is still talking up the "boo boo" in her belly a lot, maybe trying for a sympathy vote to get stickers or more of the yummy tasting "medicine" (chewable acidophilus pills, as she won't eat yogurt). The worst part of the whole thing was realizing she had been trying to tell me at the grocery store she was feeling sick, pointing to her belly and saying "boo boo." I just thought the buckle on the cart was too tight and kept loosening it. Thankfully she saved her more obvious (messier) explanation until we were in the parking garage at home, out of my new car.

It was a strange weekend with her being so sick. Tim and I both were reminded of her newborn days as she was sleeping hard, waking at night and displaying other similar, exhausting behavior. During the awake times she was pretty worn out, as were we, so we allowed unprecedented television time with a steady rotation of Wallace and Gromit, Rudolph, and Disney's Silly Symphonies. This video, a special feature on the Rudolph disk, is a particular favorite. Last night during one of her midnight wakings she requested viewing it, as if that were now standard protocol, to wake up at all hours and watch TV. We are weaning her back to health and down off of TV, but it may be she is having a hard time adjusting.

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