Friday, January 4

Hairy Family Portrait

As a Christmas gift for my Grandmother we set out to get a family portrait taken. In the span of 30 minutes our gracious friend Adam took over 400 shots. He overcame our wind whipped hair, squinty eyes and temperamental toddler to get some great shots that we are super pleased with. But rather than show you those, I think the outtakes are equally entertaining.

Here we demonstrate the complete family portrait package: eyes closed, crazy hair, and looking terribly bored. At least Matilda is having a really good time here. Holy hair. Possibly licking Tim's ear? My turn with the eyes shut and Tim's monkey face. By now Adam is totally thinking, "Get it together here people!" Smooshy face. Trying to get a smile with the big lip routine. Behind the scenes, Adam sporting Alwyn's hat and wielding the bounce card.

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CR said...

We LOVE the portraits! We'd love to have a digital copy of the "big lip" shot, if you have it.