Sunday, January 6


Well, it felt like 2,460 pieces. But it actually only came in 246 pieces which are now all assembled. This process took three hours, one Philips head screwdriver, two blisters, one trip to Home Depot, two whiskey cocktails (thank you dear husband), 102 screws and a partridge in a pear tree. I can't wait to see Matilda's reaction when we unveil it.
We figured since the whole Christmas concept is still blurry to her this year, she wouldn't notice if her big gift from us (Santa?) was two weeks late. Now I just have to resist buying up every cute little play kitchen accessory on the planet. I am sure I am more excited about this than she is. Tim will come home from work tomorrow night to find three kinds of pretend food cooking up in Matilda's kitchen, but no actual dinner prepared!

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