Monday, September 11

Tales of Fluffy

Meet Fluffy.

Matilda was given Fluffy by her Grandpa Hugh, aka G-pop. Before residing here with us (as pictured below), Fluffy had an idyllic life on the farm with the rest of his flock (as pictured above). Unfortunately for him (but lucky for Miss M) he was sent off to the butcher and we got a lovely, soft sheepskin out of the deal. Matilda loves all manner of fabric and textures and is always intrigued with examining new items. She will carefully inspect a material's pattern and then rub her face onto the new specimen. Fluffy is like the Holy Grail of textures for Matilda and sends her into a special kind of frenzy. She can be in the worst of moods and when presented with Fluffy she will forget her worries.

Tim wishes that Fluffy had his head attached still, so we could have a sheepskin rug, in the fine bearskin rug tradition. When a package from G-pop showed up Saturday we all joked that it was the missing head. I am more than happy that this is not the case, and keep trying to convince him sheepskin rugs are cooler with out the head. He won't buy it.

Matilda seen in ecstasy lying on her sheepskin.

Caught in the act: jamming fistfuls of wool into her mouth. Poor Fluffy would be bald soon if it were up to Matilda.

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