Monday, September 18

No Scurvy Here

Abbott has issued a recall on several varieties of formula, or as we liked to call it at work, artificial baby milk. Chalk this up as yet another reason to breastfeed. It appears the bottles are missing a special layer, which keeps air out. Without this protection the vitamin would be destroyed by reacting with the environmental oxygen. I am sure my former comrades at work are having a ball with the chaos which erupts at each recall.

Just this weekend we had been discussing formula use. We ran into a dietitian colleague of mine at farmer's market who recommended I use some to mix with Matilda's cereal. This stemmed from my concern over the hassle of pumping milk while traveling next month in order to dilute her cereal. I was considering just using water, which many people do all the time. I admitted I am kind of militant about formula and was unlikely to do that. Tim smartly said we should find some way to make our own formula........ to which I replied that is exactly what we are doing.

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