Monday, September 25

It's a Sick World

And an even sicker household.

The sick-fest started last week when I got mastitis for my birthday. This was really a thoughtful gift and I wish the responsible party would step forward and take credit. Some neat features of my gift included a two-day relaxing stay on the couch, a fever of 102 degrees complete with chills and aches and weight loss (yea), a five-day course of antibiotics, and a physician endorsed exemption out of running the 5 mile race that I had been nervous for Sunday. On the bright side, I already got my other gifts (which were markedly nicer) but felt like I slept through my actual birthday and am looking forward to celebrating next week. Yea, it's my birthday next week!

Next up for sickness was Miss Matilda, who woke up Friday with a stuffy nose and her first cold. I blame the snotty little boy at Toddler Reading hour at our local library. We have decided Matilda is no longer allowed in libraries, regardless of how this affects her SAT scores I am sure she will be healthier for the choice. She is handling the cold really well. The most interesting discovery of the weekend was that the only way we could get her to sleep when she was really congested was in the shower. She would fall fast asleep on my shoulder in the shower - leaving me with the delicate situation of how to then get her dried off and diapered while still maintaining the sleeping state.

Not wanting to be left out, RD Papa joined in on the sick-fest fun Friday evening with his own beginnings of a cold. He left for the weekend for much bachelor party revelry and returned Sunday night with the full-blown death rattle in his chest. Looks like we need to invest more in Kleenex stock around here, or find a bigger one of these for Tim.

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jay-dawg said...

I't's so hard to see your baby sick! We've gotten some use out of the "snot suckers" recently, too, though no experience withthe dreaded mastitis. Hope everybody is on the up and up by now!