Thursday, September 28


"No thanks Dad, I've got my own."

"No really, give me that spoon back."

Matilda's reaction to us feeding her seemed much stronger than her reaction to the food itself. We got the distinct impression she wanted to do it herself. I am not sure if she just wanted us to feed her faster, or if we were doing it wrong. She does always seem to have strong opinions about the certain way she wants things done. We gave her a spoon so she could help too but that backfired. She just sucked on her spoon and wouldn't open up for Dad's spoon so we had to take it away again.

We got some smiles and some looks of disgust in reaction to the avocado. It was a really fun experience overall and I am excited to see what happens at lunch today. Adam was surprised to find out we diluted the avocado with breastmilk to get the right consistency - I think he will forever be suspicious of guacamole at our house now.

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Adam said...

Too bad really. I used to love your guac.