Sunday, May 19

Porter's Personal Aquarium Field Trip

Matilda came home from her field trip talking all about the aquarium and Porter was completely enthralled. The last time we went he was a baby so he had no memory of it at all. After an hour or two of listening to Matilda's tales, he very sweetly asked if he could go there one day, too? With such a polite request I couldn't turn him down. Combine that with the scorching heat wave and I decided a day inside the lovely AC was in order, right away. 
As Porter stood looking into this corner of the tank a diver came swimming down, head first. They waved at each other and Porter was just giddy with the whole encounter.
We discovered that the penguins are super curious and friendly. Porter was waving his hands making a shadow on the floor of their enclosure and the penguins would all chase his shadow around.
This ray looked so silly trying to eat a broccoli head with his big flappy mouth.
Porter was happy to get completely drenched in the spray zone.
He also spent a lot of time cooling off with his arms in the cool shark petting tank.
The sea lions can swim under the walk way in this tunnel exhibit so Porter got some extra exercise chasing back and forth between the windows as they would go under.

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