Saturday, May 4

Free Comic Book Day

As you may know, if you are friends with Tim, the first Saturday of every May is Free Comic Book Day. It is practically a holiday in our house. The comic book industry started this event a little over 10 years ago as a way to get new readers. I can't say that we are new readers, but the new pile of comics is a surefire way to get us reading around here. 

Superheroes aside, there was some real good guy-bad guy action at the comic shop today to add to the comic book day excitement. A police car chase ended right in front of us as the driver hopped out of her still moving car and dashed into the crowd at the free comic book day event. It was a little too exciting for me in the first moment of uncertainty, but after things were under control the kids were quite happy to eat their free ice cream and watch the police surveying the scene.
Shortly after leaving the comic shop for lunch we realized Porter was maybe under the weather. He skipped lunch to lay on my lap and shortly later verified my suspicions that he is the latest victim of the stomach bug that has been slowly making the rounds in our household.

We spent the rest of the day reading through big stacks of comics and taking it easy. 
The worst of it seems to be over for Porter so hopefully he will be back to feeling 100% tomorrow. 

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