Sunday, May 26

Joshua Tree Overnight

We wanted to go away for the long weekend, but also needed to get a few things done and so compromised on a quickie overnight trip to the desert. Our day today in Joshua Tree was packed full of hiking, wildlife viewing, and fun. We dragged the kids on a 3 mile hike in the desert promising good animal sighting and somehow the kids managed to totally rock the hike and the animals came through! We saw at least 4 kinds of lizards, quail, hawks, ravens, AND bighorn sheep. Super cool. 

I love this self shot of my boys. Porter was so excited with the new backpack water hydration thing. 

 Tim had a bit of a shoe malfunction. Luckily this happened right as we returned to the parking lot from our first hike.
 A wild (very mediocre) dinner at Sonic in the car prior to the drive home. Both of these filthy, dusty kids are now sleeping in their no-longer-clean beds.  Matilda hiked more than 5 miles today-such a trooper!
We also stopped to see the dinosaurs on the way home. Turns out, they are terrifying at night time!

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