Sunday, May 19

First Grade Aquarium Field Trip

I was one of the brave chaperones for Matilda's class field trip last week to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We had not gone there in years so Matilda was pretty excited to get back there but the idea of going with 100+ classmates made it extra special.
Last year I chaperoned a field trip also and we had to keep the whole class together. This trip we were allowed to take our charges off and move through at our own pace, which was really nice. Luckily I got some of Matilda's closest friends from class with me. I can assure you that they had a wild, good time together.
 The animals also put on a good show for us, but I didn't get many pictures of them as I chased my fast paced crew.
Lorikeet fun.
 After the fun, tiring day we passed the long bus ride home with more funny faces and laughing.

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