Thursday, February 16

Tooth Report

At the dentist today they recommended x-rays to check out the damage from Porter's big pavement vs. mouth match-up. 
Porter was amazingly compliant. He sat still, held the x-ray paper things in his mouth awkwardly, AND did not fuss when the tech and I both had to leave the room for each x-ray.
 While waiting for our results-chat with the dentist Porter had a nice chat with his dino friend.
The thing I mostly learned today was that we were geniuses when we decided to enroll the kids in Tim's dental plan last month. Good timing! The dentist thinks that Porter's permanent teeth are fine and not damaged. We are supposed to watch for signs of an abscess as the inflammation in his gums heal - terrifying! She did not file his teeth since one showed an enamel crack so she did not want to risk breaking it any further. It seems that very obvious chipped-tooth-look is here to stay. The tooth that hit hardest is a little wiggly and may still turn grey from the damage, which would shorten its lifespan. We are supposed to avoid giving hard foods for a week or two in order to give the teeth a chance to recuperate a bit.

On the flip side, the dentist had good ideas for moving Matilda's wiggly tooth progress along. My favorite is having Matilda bite into a halved marshmallow and using that to pull the tooth. Supposedly the stickiness of it will pull the tooth right out. I think I will be buying a bag of marshmallows soon! In the meantime Porter's soft diet is serving Matilda well, too!

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nebrascal said...

Ha! Marshmallows - what a great idea.