Wednesday, February 15

Missing Grandma Marge

My mom was here the past week and everyone had such a nice time with her. Porter is especially in grandma-love right now and could not get enough grandma-attention. Since she left yesterday he has been repeatedly bemoaning how much he misses grandma and how much he loves her. 
To give mom a little winter-break we made sure to hit the beach for some sun and relaxing. She did not venture onto the sand sled, but Porter did have her running repeated laps up and down the sand hill. She also got a turn flying kite after Porter had his long, long turn.

 Tim made an effort to get some nice pictures of Matilda's smile because her first tooth is about to come out. The bottom right center tooth is so wiggly that she can barely eat and cries as we (oh so gently) brush her teeth. She is really excited for it to come out but will not entertain any talk of pulling it!

Little did we know that we were documenting the wrong mouth.....the next afternoon Porter fell forward while scootering and chipped his two front teeth. Now that I have had a few days to get used to it, it seems to be fairly minor. We go to the dentist tomorrow and hopefully she can file it to make the chips less obvious. It seems he will just look a bit more gap toothed than before.

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