Wednesday, February 29

Matilda by Numbers

2-29: It's Leap Day! Matilda was mystified as I tried to explain it to her multiple times today. No wonder they made no mention of this strange date during the morning calendar review in class. (I spent 2 hours today playing teacher in kindergarten while the actual teacher worked on individual testing. I am not cut out to be a kindergarten teacher.)

46 x 46: Matilda is square. We were measuring her for her passport application and discovered she is 46" tall and 46 pounds!

3-1-12: Tomorrow is March. Matilda already has a major case of birthday fever. Today she said to me, "Isn't it SO EXCITING that tomorrow is March!!?"

2: Next week Matilda is having her first ever gal pal sleep over. 2 girls in the bed I predict = 2 giggly hours of trying to settle them to sleep.

I like numbers.

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