Sunday, January 8

Something Fun Everyday: Crabs!

We headed to the farmers market this morning to celebrate our last leisurely day of "vacation" since Matilda heads back to school tomorrow. While there we were all tempted by the crabs and came home with two for dinner. Of course this meant the kids had the whole day to check on them.
 Many times the crabs came out of the fridge to "race" and get held.  At one point poor Matilda was going into the fridge for a snack and a crab moved enough to almost fall out of the open door. M was not pleased by that and nervously called for reinforcements to assist her in the precarious situation.
 The crabs were delicious just as the farmers market guy promised.
It was just what Tim and I needed after watching all those crabs being cooked and sold at the Fisherman's Wharf area in San Fran last week.

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