Monday, January 9

Bullet Points

  • Matilda's wiggly tooth is even wigglier. She is beyond excited. Porter will tell you that his teeth are wiggly too. Sympathetically wiggly. 
  • Porter woke up multiple times last night yelling in his sleep about the injustices in his life. The first wake up I went in to find him hollering "Moooommmm.......I want to go sledding!"The complaints that followed are mostly a blur. Matilda never talked in her sleep, but every night Porter yells things. Most often they are food related: "I want a turkey sandwich!" "That is my piece!" "I want it plain!" 
  • Matilda is reading like crazy. Everyday I am surprised over again by her reading as she pieces together the world around her. Tonight while I fixed dinner she read books to Porter. Incredible.
  • Porter apparently learned a lot from our crab-race-to-crab-for-dinner episode yesterday. At dinner tonight he asked if we were eating pieces of my pet chicken from childhood, Debbie. (His current favorite "story" to be told at bedtime is Tim recounting all of his pets from childhood. Porter can very accurately report pet names with their accompanying cause of death. Quite morose.)
  • Matilda took some of the pickled watermelon rind I made her and Tim for Christmas packed in her lunchbox today. The container of course did not get sealed back up completely, leaking sticky sweet pickle juices everywhere. I am not sure her lunch box will ever smell right again, 
  • At lunch today Porter was being all goofy asking me gibberish questions. At one point he asked if I am a mama. To play along with the goof I answered back that, "Yes I was a mama and I had one little girl named Matilda and one little boy named Porter." Porter then added that I also had "one Tim with a fuzzy head named Daddy."

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