Wednesday, January 25

San Diego Model Train Museum

It was no surprise that Porter loved this huge model train museum A LOT. However, the rest of us enjoyed it more than I expected. The detail was amazing and there was room, after room, after hallway of model landscapes with trains and vehicles and people. I also really dug the cute little hobby guys tucked in behind the windows driving their trains, tinkering with controllers and eating potato chips. So cute. 
It took him about 30 minutes before he moved from the first viewing window.

The whole place was full of little hidden details. Shark in the swimming pool! There was also a really fun scene with a stegosaurus being unloaded from a cargo train car. And Superman on a clock tower. 
I really wonder how many more hours he would have stood at these windows if the museum had not been closing (and we had to drag him out screaming). 

The Model Train Museum was within Balboa Park, an amazing park in San Diego. Not only is the park full of beautiful architecture and gardens, but it is crammed with museums. I am not sure how we will ever get to visiting them all, now that we discovered the model trains! 

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