Saturday, January 7

More "Sledding"

I am officially in love with sledding on the beach. We invested $10 to get our own saucer sled and headed to Malibu today to school Tim in the ways of sand sledding. 

He seemed to pick it up just fine!  

After not too long, he even got fancy:

 For kids, hauling the sled back up the hill seems to be just as hard as I recall from childhood, regardless of whether it is sand or snow. Porter was always trying to convince one of us to carry it for him. 

 I think I like the beach even better in the winter without the crowds, heat and sunburns. I am hoping for lots more "sledding" outings in our future this winter!

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aprilk said...

This looks so fun! This is the best argument I have seen yet for moving to Southern California. Thanks for sharing!