Sunday, January 15

Role Reversal

One of the really fun things about having these schmancy new phones is easily sending pictures back and forth. Most days I send a picture or two to Tim of our adventures. Often I will send a particularly goofy one to other family members, too. It is a nice way to stay connected and share the kids with family. Today was a work day for me and I got to see how nice it is on the receiving end. Here are some of the pics I got:

  This bearskin rug was pretty much a show stopper for the kids. Porter hollered, "What is that!!?" The tour guide at the William Hart Museum confirmed that kids always are intrigued by the Kodiak carpet.
Chick-Fil-A now features those squeeze pouches of applesauce in their kids meal. If my kids were not already completely enamored, they are now for certain. 

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