Thursday, January 13

Shaggy Boy Be Gone

I am really enjoying my mornings with Porter while Matilda is at school. Today we went to the toy store to look for some sand toys, which I realized recently Porter is very into but we are lacking. We didn't find quite what I wanted but Porter did have a fantastic time pushing every noisy buttoned toy in the place. After our busy morning of play, Porter caught a quick nap at the park while M picnicked with school pals. This boy is a champion napper.
We realized after they left, that Matilda's bud had left his hat behind. She was happy to have a turn with it and it reminded me it has been too long since she's had a cowboy hat that fits.
I finally got up the guts to give Porter a long-overdue big haircut tonight. He was exhausted and so cranky by the end that the bangs were going horrible and may need major fixes another day. We'll have to see how it all shakes out in the morning after some rest and perspective.
After pictures to come soon. As soon as I decide the whole thing doesn't look awful!

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