Monday, January 10

The Birthday Ball

Three of Matilda's school friend (well, actually their parents) collaborated to throw an uber-big super-enormous birthday party this past weekend. They rented out an area club (locale of a recent Hell's Angels murder!) and hired a local kids band, Gwendolyn and the Goodtime Gang. Only in Hollywood, right. Just a small handful of kids seemed to be done-in by the huge scale craziness of the event and the parents all had beers to help them cope.
It was a dress-up costume birthday ball. Why not, right?
There were 4 Batmen there, but only one Batgirl in a tutu and her brother's new vest.
I think I can safely say we won't be outdoing this come March 27th. Although Matilda did mention that she wants to hire the bell chorus that was at the fancy tree lighting ceremony downtown last month.

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