Friday, January 7

Lunch Date

Yesterday was Matilda's first day going to preschool in the morning. She is excited to have a few more days of school a week; I am using it as a chance to practice getting out the door in a timely manner before kindergarten slaps me in the face next fall with some early start time. As I picked her up at noon, Porter had just fallen asleep hard in the stroller. I had the idea to take her out for a little celebratory lunch. It was such a nice special moment with her while Porter slept beside our table. We colored and chatted about the morning and she happily ordered pancakes and bacon for lunch!I ordered a nice, healthy avocado-tomato sandwich, which I sullied with bacon when I saw how huge Matilda's side order was. Surely a 4 year old couldn't eat all that bacon alone.
For the first time that I can remember, I allowed her to apply her own maple syrup. She poured a completely reasonable amount on, with no sticky mess, but then insisted on licking the pitcher to get the drips off! Yum.

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