Sunday, January 16


Porter got a new (Craigslist find) scooter this weekend. As he has learned how to use Matilda's scooter there has been much strife recently over sharing of scooters. We decided to find a Porter sized alternative.
It is much clunkier and slower than Matilda's, which I think is a benefit as he can't get himself into too much trouble with it. The crew heading out to hit the streets:
Off he goes, half scooting and half dragging it.
He also really likes to stand on it and have you pull/push him along like he's riding a little red chariot. Porter loves his scooter so much that we can't really talk about it unless we can drop everything at that moment and go take a spin. Matilda mentioned it during breakfast and we nearly had a catastrophe on our hands at the thought of finishing our cereal before bolting out to the patio.

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