Tuesday, December 21

Rochester Fun

Matilda got an Oz filled day checking out all the awesome decorations Brian and Gia have to decorate the new baby nursery. Gia got out her Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls and Matilda was in love. She would have spent all day gazing at them and examining their details but we put them away quicker than she liked, at Porters urging.
We spent a lot of time test driving the new toys for baby Rumsey (arriving in t-minus 38 days). Porter was particularly enamored with this spinning sitting activity thing and spent a lot of the day driving it around. He's clearly beyond the weight limit and would muscle the whole thing clear across a room. We also spent a fair amount of time outside, some of us in party dresses, throwing snowballs and harvesting icicles.
In case you need some ketchup, come to Brian's house. He has the largest bottle known to man. I think it was supersized to match the outrageous garbage plates we had for dinner. Porter's was so satiating that he fell asleep in the high chair.
To make the snow even more appealing, we made Matilda a fake-o snowcone with syrup for dessert. She was beyond thrilled.

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Heather Pilz said...

Brian's ketchup bottle looks just about right according to Emily. We stopped buying the grocery store bottles and upgraded to the bulk version. Still can't keep enough in the house to keep her happy.