Saturday, December 4

Annual Neighborhood Holiday Fest & other fun

We had a holiday-action packed day today that included obtaining a tree, taking hundreds of photos in an effort to get one decent one for the holiday cards, a quick present-scouting zoo stop-by, and actual festive activities at the neighborhood festival. The photo session felt torturous in the moment and involved lots of M&M bribes but I think we managed to get a decent shot. Considering it is only December 4th, there is hope we'll get cards out before Christmas this year, unlike 2009.

We met up with Stella & co. in the neighborhood for some window shopping.
The kids, amazingly, all sat still for the entire puppet show. I think the little baggie of popcorn aided greatly in motivating them to sit still. As Porter's bag was getting low he started making eyes at a newly arrived boy with a fuller bag of popcorn. Thankfully Sarah managed to redirect Porter before he actually jammed his hand in the unsuspecting boys bag.
Matilda had her super-big-happy smile on when we rode the open-top trolley with Santa around the hood. Porter was just stunned by it all. I am not sure if he was more affected by the fantastic view of traffic, or the large man in a red suit ringing bells and yelling out greetings for the whole ride.
I think I figured out where Porter gets the eyes-closed trait from. Oops.

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