Sunday, December 19

Christmas Hedgehogs & Insomnia

This little guy belong in Meyriez I think with my gal Frusl.

Also, it is 2:50 a.m. and Porter has, inexplicably, not gone to bed. We have tried every last trick we know (sparing a glass of bourbon for the child) and he's just not having it. He's perfectly happy as long as we are playing. We leave for the airport in under 2 hrs now. We might as well just pretend we took the red eye. I can't be bothered to even figure out why this whole damned post is underlined and I can't get rid of it.

Update to add: Moments after I published that first bit I was finally successful at getting his to sleep. Now the questions is, is it worth it to go to sleep for 1 hour? It seems like I'll just feel worse when I have to get back up.

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Anonymous said...

I just spotted little Millie - very cute! In the fall we had a little hedgehog in the backyard and N was a total fan of it, as it was not shy and walked through the lawn at day! So N decided to show it some picture books...the mutual love was minimal, though!!