Saturday, April 3

Bunny Ready

We invited two other families of Matilda's friends over to dye eggs this morning and had a blast. 4 dozen eggs sounds like a lot but they went quick. Poor Tim had to fight Matilda for one of the last eggs left: he wanted a chance to dye one and she wanted to eat it. I hadn't adequately factored eating into the egg equation either. In just under 2 hours in our courtyard this morning 6 kids ate 1.5 dozen eggs. While this number does include some loss to droppage, it was still quite impressive. Look out Cool Hand Luke, the preschoolers are going for your record. I think I don't make the girl hard boiled eggs often enough.
The eggs turned out pretty and the kids had more endurance for dyeing than I expected. They pretty much stopped when we ran out of eggs and moved on to eating scones and riding the many bikes, trikes and scooters. We ate even more eggs in a salad Nicoise with Anthony & Elissa tonight and are officially egged out. Luckily we planned carrot pancakes for the morning so no more eggs! Now (after spending a ridiculous amount of time getting the kids to bed......the sleep situation this week is dire) T & I are getting the baskets stuffed and scattering eggs. The low ones have puffs and O's for the boy, while the higher eggs have the good stuff in them. I imagine she won't have much room left by the time I get those pancakes made.

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Uncle Brian said...

salad nicoise.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!