Friday, April 23

1st Birthday Doings

We took our duck loving boy down to the Hollywood cemetery which has a lake full of ducks, geese and swans to appreciate.
It was fun for the whole family since Grammy loves a good cemetery, Matilda got to scooter around the lake and Tim got to snoop around an exhumation with police security. Who doesn't love a good mystery?Matilda is getting pretty adept at making funny faces in EVERY photo.
Mmmmm, burger-birthday lunch! And not just any burger, Umami Burger. This boy ate SO many fries.
Watch out world, here they come. When they are walking and holding hands it melts my heart every time. I think they will be quite the unstoppable team. Which may spell trouble for T & me!
P got mint chocolate chip ice cream with his 1st candle. The coldness resulted in some awesome faces, but I think overall he really enjoyed it. Porter got this riding push car from Grammy and is so in love with it. It took us hours to put the car together because he just wanted to sit in the unassembled body. Then he discovered the bag of screws and washers it came with and thought that was the biggest prize ever.Even the tiniest tires he got were carefully inspected and spun.

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