Wednesday, May 27

We're Growing a Giant

Porter had his 1 month check-up today and verified what we have been suspecting: he's HUGE.

Let me refresh your memory: at birth (exactly 5 weeks ago) he weighed 8lb 7oz and at the last check-up (two weeks ago) he weighed 9lb 3oz.  Today he was a whopping 11lb 13oz, coming in at 97th percentile weight for age. He is also a tall fellow, at 23 inches, 90th percentile height for age. At this rate of weight gain he will outweigh Matilda by summer's end. 
The other exciting news from our pediatric appointment is that by next week Porter's belly button will be healed enough for a bath. So at 6 weeks of age, our greasy boy will finally get a scrub down and rejoin the ranks of good smelling babies. 

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