Saturday, May 30

Car Seat Debacle

For Porter's current car seat we are using one of those infant carrier seats that has a base in both of our cars. It only took one month and 3 days for the entire car seat to end up at work with Tim, leaving us with no transport method for Porter. I am a little surprised it took that long, actually. 

Rather than cancel our plans for the day (shopping with Grammy), I got brave and dragged the whole crew out on the bus. Matilda loves bus adventures and there is a bus route that runs from near our place right to the mall with few stops. Our first order of business, after an uneventful bus trip in, was a stop at Target in search of a new bathing suit for Matilda. Then Grammy and Matilda, in their matching outfits, got matching coffees (for the record Matilda gets a kids steamed milk, sometimes with honey if it is classified as a treat). After the big bus trip and some shopping Porter woke up so we headed to the snazzy kids room at the new fancy mall, Americana. There Matilda was entranced by Ratatouille while Porter recharged and then we took advantage of the changing room and free diapers. 
We did a bunch more shopping, got some lunch, and enjoyed some of the kids concert that we happened upon before another easy ride home. Porter's first bus trip completed, which he slept through both ways in the sling.
Back at home the kids modeled some of their new clothes from Grammy.

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Anonymous said...

Now that I had a closer look at the new cool clothes, I recognized where Porter's cute pants are from! Had a look at them too the other day, but I could resist with the argument of not having a matching shirt with it! :-) Love, F