Thursday, April 9

Enjoying the park with Stella

For my daily dose of labor inducing exercise today we joined Sarah & Stella for a hike in the park followed by a  game of soccer-keep-away. Matilda took great joy in kicking the ball downhill and then watching me run my slow-self down the hill in a panic before the ball went into the road. 

Pre-hike, Stella sports her mom's hat and is greatly amused by something. 
M hikes with Downtown in the background. She's busy hunting for caterpillars. 
The entire time you play soccer with Matilda she is yelling,"You come back with that ball!" 
Matilda can't get enough of Stella, but thankfully Stella takes it pretty well.


Uncle Brian said...

I think that I can speak for many of your readers when I say that recent blogging has been awesome. I really look forward to every new post and dread the inevitable lull in posting when the new baby comes. Between the tin woodsman, Matildas adorable outfits, AWESOME videos, wonderwoman lunchbox (great gift A&A I love it), troll infested bridges and Stellas cute little appearances I cant get enough. Miss you guys!!!

KK said...

Thanks for the sweet words Uncle Brian. I don't know why you think there will be a lull though - didn't you hear my plan to live blog straight through labor?