Monday, February 2

Baker in Training

Over the holidays we did lots of baking, which Matilda really enjoys - especially the part where she gets to eat the ingredients/batter/results. While making cookies in NY, I finally let Matilda crack her own egg. She did really well and all of the egg ended up in the bowl, with only part of the shells! 
While we have curbed our baking somewhat around here (mostly to help the pregnant lady slow down her weight gain - since I seem to have no self-control once the cookies are actually in the house), we did need to test out the dinosaur cookie cutters M got from Grammy for Christmas. We invited our favorite little neighbor friend over to assist: 
Above you can see Matilda contemplating putting the frosting knife into her mouth, below you see her cramming sprinkles in. Matilda will generally decorate 1 or 2 cookies before it degenerates into her simply eating the decorations with a naked cookie sitting in front of her un-touched. She is very sneaky about it though, and stops often to wave a guilty "Hi Mama" and lean in for hugs while engaging in her shady ways. Kaz was much more disciplined. He decorated lots of cookies and  didn't eat anything until he was given permission. He did however ask incessantly about when we could eat them, and somehow missed/ignored Matilda's surreptitious eating. 
Sadly I forgot to get good pictures of all the decorated dinosaurs before they were consumed - next time. 

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