Wednesday, November 12


Matilda started asking for treats before breakfast this morning & we reassured her that today is not a treat day. She tried to clarify with specific requested for chocolate chips, ice cream, and cookies but I reiterated that we would be having no treats today as a sort of sugar de-tox. We all got a bit spoiled (in the sugar sense of too many desserts & just the general sense of too much spoiling) around here by my Aunt Lori & Uncle Gordie who just left. It was a really fun visit with a good mix of lazing around time and go-go-action.

Uncle Gordie introduces M to the wonder of Cheetos. She is scowling here not because she doesn't like them, but rather she is in a panic to get more into her already orange fingers. Last cookies before G & L head home.
More evidence of spoiling: G & L came prepared with craft projects. Under their tutelage M produced a couple of Christmas ornaments and four different animal masks. Quite impressive.
Thanks again for all the fun, guys!

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