Saturday, November 15

Aerobie Madness & Fires

We went with Sarah & Gaurav to the park yesterday for some aerobie fun & an attempt at kite flying. The kite portion didn't work out, partly because the winds that are so effectively fueling all our wildfires were not particularly strong at that moment, but mostly because Matilda has an irrational fear of kites. She almost started crying at the mention of the kite so Sarah quickly shoved the kite back into her bag and we abandoned that idea. The aerobie, however, was a whole other story. Matilda turned into some kind of aerobie fiend, had so much fun, and I've never seen her so out of breath. M ran around and around chasing the aerobie. Each time she would get possession she would either put it around her neck and fall over (as illustrated below), or take off with it tempting someone to chase her down. I am especially glad we got a good romp in now that we have retreated indoors to hide from all the smoky, stinky air that comes with "fire season." (There aren't any fires close to us, but LA is ringed by wildfires right now so that even inside our apartment you can detect the smell of smoke.) "Yay Sarah, yay!"

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