Saturday, November 22

M's Grocery List

Tonight I sat down to make our menu for the week and grocery list in preparation for our last farmers market visit before Thanksgiving. Matilda wanted to make her own list so I set her up with a pen and paper to sit beside me. As she doodled on the sheet, M dictated to me the things she was writing on her list:
  • artichokes
  • tortellini soup (with more artichokes)
  • sparkling water
  • greens (meaning sauteed swiss chard, collards or kale)
  • beets
Sounds like Matilda plans to eat all right this week. As far as Thanksgiving goes, we somehow got out of cooking for the fifth year straight. While I actually really like to cook Thanksgiving with all the delicious sides, I am not complaining at all. We wrangled an invitation to Anthony & Elissa's for dinner and I convinced them I should bring cranberry sauce, a walnut-cranberry-blue cheese tart, and roasted brussel sprouts so I can get my fill of holiday cooking in. 

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