Wednesday, March 26

Vocabulary Explosion

We can no longer keep track of Matilda's new words. Every day there are several new words she begins using. Also, she parrots back something from almost every sentence you speak so regardless of whether she uses the word again later, she is just so chatty lately. A selection of new words:

Today: chirp (used to describe the birds singing during lunch with Sarah & Gaurav)

Tuesday: driveway (repeated each time I take her hand as we cross one), milkshake (learned this one while out to dinner with Daddy - Mama was home slaving over birthday confections)

Monday: big girl (repeated ad nauseam at mention of her birthday), young (used to describe Gigi as an explanation of why she can't have popcorn)

Sunday: Easter Bunny (sounds like "Eat Bun"), jelly bean (no explanation needed here)

Saturday: f*ck (Matilda's first four letter word, this one is not yet incorporated into her vocabulary. It was chanted back to me after I cursed at dropping my farmer's market strawberries all over the greasy curb while climbing into the car. Bad Mama.)

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