Monday, March 31

About to Experience Sugar Withdrawl

It has been a week full of sweets for all of us with the numerous birthday celebrations. To send Matilda out with a sugar bang before we got back on the healthy food wagon we shipped her off to Adam & Alwyn's last night. They agreed to watch M while Tim & I had a nice meal out and window shopped around Pasadena for a bit. It turned out to be a fantastic time for everyone. We enjoyed our "adult" time and Matilda had a blast with all the fun activities planned by her friends "Ah & Ah". Alwyn, the undisputed queen of desserts, baked cookies with Matilda AND made blueberry ice cream to feed us, upon our return. Alwyn remarked on how strange Matilda's ravenous appetite for flour is. M even declined sugar when offered access to the sugar bin in order to keep shovelling in the flour. Indeed a strange child. Adam got some good pictures of all the excitement you can see here. Tim & I have no pictures to show for our evening but did end up with happy, full bellies.

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