Thursday, March 6

Accident Prone

It seems that the bigger and faster Matilda gets, the bigger her crashes get. Today she had three different falls where I wondered if she was really hurt. The most spectacular was during dinner prep: I had just set salads on the table and M was so starving that she needed to climb up into a chair and pilfer all the good bits out of my salad. She somehow tumbled out of the chair and landed face-down on the floor with the salad bowl on her back, lettuce clinging in her curls and a 3 foot radius of salad fixings around her. Matilda did one of those really big cries, so hard it was silent. Scary, but I knew she was fine when she quickly started scurrying about to scarf up all the little sugared nut bits out of my reach as I tried to pick up my salad. I only regret not taking a photo.

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