Thursday, September 13

Big Footed Bunny

I finished this Big Footed Bunny quite a while ago, but finally got around to photographing her this week. She is my first bunny (from another Wee Wonderfuls pattern) and the first stuffed toy I have made for Matilda since Beta Kitty. I am pleased to find that M really likes her, although the dress is a bit of a problem. Matilda really prefers that Bunny goes naked and even just getting a photo of her wearing the dress was a trick. Here you can see M's pudgy little hand going for the dress. She also likes to help Bunny hop, in the form of thrashing her up and down. My favorite part is Bunny's little tail sticking out of her dress. Next up I need to finish the matching dress I have planned for M. The pattern is just so darn complicated and intimidating. But I am motivated by the though of how potentially adorable they could be together.

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Heather Pilz said...

That is so wonderful! I love your stuffed critters. The kitties live in positions of honor here. Emily has hers on her dresser aka treasure area, but Sydney has hers in bed so it gets lots of love. Yesterday they were hosting a small breakfast party in the playroom though.