Tuesday, September 18


As members of the zoo, we are eligible for the free docent led tours offered several times per month. We finally got around to signing up for one last weekend and it was fantastic. We were the only people who signed up so we had a private tour! Here you can see our entire tour group, except Tim who was of course acting as photographer. Our two docents were really knowledgeable and fun so it was super informative. We discovered that two of the zoo residents, Maggie the hippo and Methuselah the alligator, came from the old zoo in Griffith Park. We also got lots of background scoop on upcoming exhibits, fun animal anecdotes and "urban legend" type stories that all the docents pass around. Tim said it was his favorite trip to the zoo ever. It also helped that the weather broke a little and the animals (humans included I think) were all a bit more active and frisky in the cooler temperature.

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