Wednesday, September 19

Hammer Time

This past Saturday I ran my first post-baby race, the Nike Run Hit Remix. Thankfully the chip reader at the starting line malfunctioned, so I don't have to disclose my real race time. But overall it was super fun and felt easier than I expected. I think all that running pushing M in the stroller is getting me in better shape than I knew. I didn't take my camera but I did find this one for sale on the official photo site of the race. Somehow the racing chip glitch lost all record of Gaurav competing but we found proof otherwise. Also, this guy on Flickr has lots of good shots from the VIP lounge (including a random picture of Sarah's butt?) where we all got to recharge post race with a huge breakfast spread, Jamba Juice and beer. All the while being entertain by the musical stylings of Mr. MC Hammer himself. It was like going back in time. I also really enjoyed hearing Baby Got Back as we pushed through to the finish line. The whole thing was so fun that on the car ride home Sarah & Gaurav convinced me I should run the Muddy Buddy race in November. And poor Adam agreed to be my buddy!

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