Friday, January 11

Sick Days

After my last post we had one more fabulous day in Seattle on Saturday. Then late that night, after Tim and I finished packing for our early flight home, Matilda stirred from her sleep for a drink and we realized she was burning up. Her fever raced even higher over the next few minutes and we quickly found ourselves in a lukewarm bath and cold compress nightmare. Her fever at the highest point was 105.8, easily taking home the 1st place prize for biggest, baddest fever ever in our little family. We talked with nurse Grammy and our pediatrician about how best to manage the situation. Short version: it was a long night.

The next day's trip home was pretty long, too. Poor Matilda was so miserable.
Ill 1/6/12
(For the record, the car was not moving in this photo.) I would also like to publicly apologize to my fellow travelers out there in the universe; I am so sorry we threw up in your tram and on your plane and if we infected you and swear we were doing our best to not touch/cough at/vomit on you.

After 1 doctor's visit, many days thinking it was a viral illness and battling the scary high fevers, our pediatrician recommended a chest x-ray to double check Matilda's lungs (even though they sounded clear with a stethoscope exam). Matilda was dosed up pretty well on ibuprofen and acetaminophen as we went to the imaging center, so she felt ok for that moment and was chipper throughout the process.
X-Ray 1/9/12
She was so excited about the procedure and the really nice technician granted her wish to see the x-rays, which we both loved.  She got a little quickie anatomy lesson and I got my first look at what a cloudy white lung with pneumonia looks like.

Things are turning around now and M is feeling much better after her first 2 days of antibiotics. She has been sick on and off with various things since school got out 4 weeks ago so we are hoping that since 3 of 4 family members now have antibiotics we can finally kick these germs. This weekend calls for lots more fluids, rest and possibly a disinfectant wipe run over every surface in the house.

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