Saturday, April 14

Saturday Doings

Nothing big going this weekend, just trying to catch up a bit.
 Porter and Tim went off to the zoo for class this morning for a few hours.
 He just had a haircut a month ago, I cannot believe it is so shaggy in his eyes already. A cutie anyways.
 Matilda and I got the rest of our seedlings in the garden and a few more seeds started. She loves gardening so much and I forgot how much I do. I spent almost three hours out in the yard today puttering and getting muddy. It was lovely.
 Before bedtime Matilda got a few last minutes in with Leopold. Leopold was named by Porter. Originally Porter was suggesting Leo but when Tim asked what Leo was short for (and offered up several full names that shorten to Leo) Porter switched to Leopold and now won't tolerate any nicknames. Leopold is crazy friendly; all the rats are sweet, but Leopold is content to spend all day riding on your shoulder. I need to get video of Matilda with a rat on her shoulder because she so hysterical just giggling and cackling the whole time (they are tickle-y!).

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