Sunday, April 15

Meet the Rat Boys

I have been doing a cruddy job of getting pictures of our new pets. They are so fast that I am a little afraid they will disappear. Often, there are 4 other little hands grabbing at them to pet or hold. I spend all my time with the rats out playing a game of interference to keep the rats safe, from escape or mauling.

Today we managed to get a few shots of them finally. This is Tinchi, the light grey one.
This is Watson. He is the most shy about being held, but he is crazy curious and is always the first one to investigate anything new. He almost always finds a hidden treat faster than his cage mates. 
I was so bummed this shot is a little out of focus but it depicts Leopold perfectly. If the cage door is open he will stand at the edge looking pathetic like this, just begging to be picked up.

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