Saturday, April 14

Easter Weekend

We have an eventful holiday weekend occupied with pet adoption and sugar consumption. Saturday, a casual trip to Petco resulted in Grapey, Matilda's new beta fish. He is still living in this water pitcher 1 week later as I have failed to secure him a proper bowl. He does not seem to mind.
By 8 a.m. Sunday morning the kids were already so jazzed from Easter basket candy that Tim took them hiking while I made brunch.
After brunch with Stella & co, we released them into the front yard for a massive egg hunt. I have a ton of childhood memories of egg hunting with my mom's family; I really enjoyed being on the egg hiding end of things for this big front yard hunt.
Sunday afternoon we added three more residents to our tiny house: 3 male dwarf rats. Here was the friendliest guy getting to know my ponytail as we collected them from their previous owners.  

Another one of the sweet guys peeks out at us from their cage, now settled in with us. The kids are over the moon with these new pets. Matilda spends every waking moment at the cage chatting with them, hands in the door and petting, or hounding me to let her take them out; she is completely rat obsessed. All her new birthday toys and her school work are being completely neglected as she attends to her rodent friends.

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