Wednesday, April 25

I Have a Cake Problem

When it comes to birthday cakes for my kids I can not seem to curb my crazy. I love challenging myself to construct whatever they are asking for from cake and frosting. I think that Matilda's dragon cake is evidence enough!

Porter gave me such a fabulous huge grin when he woke up and came out to find this. 
Here Matilda and Porter inspect the work in progress on the morning of his party. He quickly asked why the (Oreo) wheels were not on the (licorice) track? Such attention to detail for a 3 year old! Thankfully any misgivings he had were forgotten when he learned I planned to fill the cars with Cocoa  Krispies "coal" and (left-over Easter) candy loads. 
I waited until we got to Travel Town to fill the train with goodies to avoid excess spillage en route.
"Put the jelly beans in here!"

The final product, sitting proudly among the big train cars.
 As we sang happy birthday to Porter the wind kept blowing out his candle, leading to a lot of frowns and concern.
As soon as we did manage to get the candle lit long enough for Porter to blow it out, the hollering began. Each of the 21 children present began to vocalize their strong opinion over what piece of the cake they wanted most. I fled the scene with the cake to slice it up (as quickly as humanly possible) from the relative safety of two picnic tables over. 

Porter very sweetly wanted to feed Adlai a jelly bean!
Already today both Matilda and Porter were talking about their plans for the next birthday cakes (Hello Kitty and Snow White cakes, respectively.) They will change their minds a hundred times before next spring but I will love the challenge of whatever they choose. 

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