Thursday, July 7

Pack It Up, Pack It In

Things are humming along here pretty well with the packing. 34 hours until the movers arrive and I think we are going to be in good shape. Everyone has been pitching in with the process. Porter was really pleased with packing the spices and only ate about 4 tablespoons of random herbs in the process.
Tim packed all his own cds and is looking especially sad as he learns that I have vetoed all bids to install these shelves at the new place. My big coup of today was finally getting the refrigerator at our new place into position. When it was delivered we discovered it would not fit through the back door into the utility/entryway room where we want it. After removing several doors (fridge and household) and several trips later on the dolly the fridge is now plugged in and (hopefully) getting cold. While I wrangled the fridge Porter learned how to turn on the spigot in the yard and made me thankful that we won'y be paying the water bill. Water conservation aside, he was terribly entertained and much cleaner afterwards. Hopefully the kiddie-pool-in-our-future will help reduce endless-spigot-running-sessions.

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Anonymous said...

Happy movin' in!! I wish Paul and I could have been there to make lists of CDs :-)