Thursday, July 21

Boy Shorts

We ended up at the park with no Matilda clothes this week and discovered she fits (just barely) into some 18 month size Porter shorts and a 2T top. Pretty funny.
As she got into her bathing suit I told her to throw her clothes into the backpack. Of course in her excitement to get to the wading pools she didn't, and in my rush to get everyone out the door I didn't verify. So thankful her big-little brother helped her out.

In related news Porter said "my sister" for the first time this week and melted our hearts. He was having a (typical) hard time getting to sleep and we had brought him into our room to try and settle down. After a few minutes he said he wanted to "go sleep with my sister." So sweet. If only he would stop scaling over her to tumble out of the double bed every other night and crash down on to the hardwood the whole sibling bed thing would be quite peaceful.

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