Thursday, July 14

Moving Report: Exhausted

I was so focused on getting packed up in time for the movers, that I had not properly contemplated the enormous job of unpacking ahead of me.
We are enjoying the new place a lot but living like we are camping with just the essentials available. My unpacking progress is severely limited by my children's great desire to be outdoors. They love our new space so much and can barely be contained indoors. From the moment they wake up, until they collapse into bed (together!) at night they are hounding me to go out.It is awesome except for the fact that I don't really trust them to not dash out the gate so I can't really make any house progress. However, it is resulting in lots of great playtime and summer fun.

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Max's and Paul's Dad said...

I wish you a great start at your new home, many neighborly people and I hope you will find everything again after the move. It's nice to see that your kids enjoy your new place so much. Oh, by the way Betty looks awesome. "She" reminds me of a doll's house. Do you try out her meanwhile?