Friday, July 1

Bear Camping: Day 2, 3 and 4

In an effort to procrastinate from packing, I thought I should round out camping pictures. Here is a jumble of shots from our Sequoia adventures. Tim & the kids with General Sherman, the largest tree in the world.Goofing off at breakfast.
We took the carseats out of the car each night to reduce the risk of the bears peeling open our car for some old snacks crammed in the crevices. The bears seemed to leave the seats alone overnight, but come morning the kids could not. They had so much fun wrestling and playing on these seats. Here they were laughing hysterically and attacking each other with kisses.
Canoe rental on Hume lake = perfect afternoon. The water there is sparkly like it is filled with gold flakes.
Everyone assured us the lake was really cold so we just went out in the canoe without out bathing suits. Three shower-free days camping and the hot sun on our backs made the warm water on our fingertips quite appealing. When we couldn't take it anymore, we had to find a beach so we could jump in the warm water, clothes and all.
Check out action-Tim and his snow covered mountains. Pretty sweet.
This tired out girl fell asleep on my lap roasting marshmallows.
Pre-breakfast hike in the snow.
These guys are so sweet and lovey with each other. They have such a good time together that it just melts me.
Quite the fashionista in footie jammies, sandals, and his sisters vest all while enjoying some hot chocolate.
Porter really wanted to touch this bear poop. Thankfully he did not. After seeing so much bear poop, it was not a big surprise when these bears wandered across our trail and then held us hostage for like 20 minutes as they sat around too close to the path for us to continue. By the time they moved a pretty big crowd of hikers had gathered (a "bear jam") waiting to get by. Some big trees growing here.Surprisingly small pinecones from the giant sequoias.Inspecting some seedlings on top of this fallen giant.

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